Saturday, March 28, 2015

Womens Fitted Chef Coats . How does your chef coat fit you

We make chef jackets in sizes 2 - 14.
Plus size is available Summer 2015

Our 'Original Slender fitted chef Jacket'
designed and cut in the traditional Brigade style, using soft luxurious fabrics with 4 5 stretch.
Elegant stand up collar is cut to stay popped up if worn unbuttoned, it also lays nicely down.
Slender perfectly cut sleeves.
Elegant 6 inch Fitted Mock French cuffs
Nipped in waistline with a generous curve around the hips.
~You will get lots of attention in this Jacket~
.Slender waistline
.Heavy designer coat buttons
.Side pockets
.Thermometer pocket

~ All our Jackets are hand cut and sewn in a worker owned co-op in Morganton, North Carolina
 Shop: Sandra Harvey                                          


Aaron Winterhalter said...

Gorgeous chef coats

pitbull said...

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Mychef Coats said... services companies ranging from large Hotels and Casinos to Cullinary Schools, Restaurant Chains and Cruise Liners.

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-blessed holy socks said...

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