Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale

So I am taking a break from designing fashion, again, although I do seem to come full circle right back to it...its in my blood really, in my heart, my soul, all of me embraced within its web of lace and velvet. I love fashion! everything about it, from churchwarden pipes to stiletto boots handmade in Italy...Yet I have managed to set it aside to work on my story book.
The thing about writing is that its personal, and its available to everyone...inspiration can be found in the simple little things...a little girl twirling around her father on a street corner with curls falling into her eyes can inspire the soul so deeply. What I have found in writing Trizzella is that she can take me into the world I dream of. Inspired by my own life experiences growing up in a old house over looking the Sea, my travels abroad, and my life here in the South. As I write I pull from my mind moments of intense happiness - sitting in a small boat on Lac Annecy in the French Alps laden with swans, Meringue puffs and coffee at Pastry shoppes in Paris, Charleston with its cobblestone streets, gas lamps, old cemeteries and horse drawn carriages, Canoeing on the French Broad River in the Appalachian Mountains, and the deep dark forests of the South as fiddlers and moonshine echo in the winds...Trizzella by the Sea is a fairytale for children, In writing her I can take her to far off lands of magic and true love dressed in a long tattered lace gown woven by the hands of delicate spiders, a crown of seashells nestled in a wreath of seaweed, shoes made from leaves dipped into gold... a kiss awaits her from deep within the forest.....

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