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The Half Hearted Girl - a love story

 On one side of the world a girl is born with half of a heart

 At the very same time on the other side of the world a boy is born with half a soul

 One day they meet in the the very middle of the world

The Half Hearted Girl is part graphic novel, modern fairy tale, romance, adventure, and storybook.
This book is packed with tons of amazing illustrations.
The Half Hearted Girl
The Half Hearted Girl - UK


Review by Book Blogger 
The Half Hearted Girl is a black and white fully illustrated book. I wish it was easier for me to classify this book, but it simply stands alone. I want to be clear that this book is by no means some obscure novelty book. With a page count of around 100 and with so many illustrations it is hard to classify by modern literary classifications. I think of it more like a modern fairy tale. This is a book you would have seen in books stores 70 years ago. It is similar to some of the works of Hans Christian Andersen. I call it a modern fairy tale because their is no physical antagonist in this story. The challenge our protagonist has to face is that of an internal nature. The main theme of this story is about love and soul mates and how meeting another person can sometimes help us become a more complete person ourselves. The story follows the life of The Half Hearted Girl and her quest to seek out wholehearted things. When one day she discovers something special. This discovery sends her off on an adventure. The author now tells a parallel story of The Half Soul Boy. Who one day also discovers something that leads him off on an adventure of his own. Layered inside of the main story line is a coming of age tale with some very significant and meaningful insights about life, the emptiness we all feel inside at times, and the great mortal coil . There is a real longing so many of us feel to try something new, to meet someone new, to go someplace new, and to find out what is over the horizon. We often think that somehow we will find what ever it is we are missing if we just keep looking, but somehow it's always just one more step away. Often times as humans be do not appreciate who and what we have around us, and how amazing our lives are until we seek out the unknown. What do most of us find out there beyond the rim of the world? Well, some of us do find our Soul Mates, but we also find the answer to our own unique question, the same question that set us on our journey to begin with. The answer more often than not is that all we need, all we love, and all that matters was always there all along we just needed to see the world and to gain knowledge; we just needed to meet new people to gain experiences, so that through comparison we can see who we are, where we come from, and what matters most to each of us. We often get restless and start feeling trapped. This is something a lot of us deal with all of our lives. Perhaps we feel like the daily routine is like living with half of a heart or half, of half of a soul. Sometimes we just have to get far enough away from those things, those people, and those places and to realize there is nothing out there in the unknown that we will find under some rock that will somehow complete our lives and make everything perfect. Even when we find the one thing we seek it always comes with a choice. After all isn't life often about giving up something you want, for something you want more? That is my own interpretation of the story, I do feel the author may have had a more literal meaning in mind, but that is one of the wonderful things about every story I have read from Sandra Harvey. Ultimately it is for you to decide. Do not miss out on this incredibly wonderful and life changing story, with amazing illustrations by Calum Jones.

Format: Kindle Edition
The Half Hearted Girl is such a lovely and adventure filled graphic novel!

The sweet and beautiful story coupled with the amazing illustrations made for a really enjoyable read. There is a Tim Burton vibe I get from this book and so I was completely enthralled with both the story and images.
This story is one I feel both children and adults (who are still children inside) will really enjoy reading, there is adventure and love on each and every page which filled the void of the empty half of my own half heart.
The rough and ready look of the illustrations really worked with the story and looked stunning as the only colours used were black and white which contrasted really well on the page.
I would really recommend to all who would like an easy going and lovely read!
Here is a link to my video review!

This review is from: The Half Hearted Girl (Paperback)
I thought "The Half Hearted Girl" has a general sweetness about it, September 18, 2014
I thought "The Half Hearted Girl" has a general sweetness about it, with the illustrations setting the visual stage of what is to become a classic.Reading it made me think about my childhood and finding my first puppy love, lol.I could have totally imagined reading this to my kids when they were young,and them asking me many questions after.I loved this book! And i think you will too.I plan to pass it on to my friend with a young daughter,so that she can read it to her and answer her questions after.This will make a great Christmas gift! Bravo Sandra and Calum!!
Format: Paperback
This is a story that I'll return to again and again... and it will probably resonate slightly differently each time I read it! I absolutely loved it!!
Although perhaps written with a younger adult audience in mind, this is a story that will move readers of all ages. Beautifully written and presented, the exquisite black and white contrasting illustrations truly capture the soulful essence of this wonderful tale. This is a stunningly beautiful book and already a favourite for me!

Monday, December 29, 2014

About Corazon of the Outer Banks #horses #childrensbook

Available in English Corazon of the Outer Banks

I wrote a story for children about a Spanish Horse named Corazon. Inspired by my own experience meeting a Banker Horse when I visited the Outer Banks in North Carolina in the Spring of 2012

I first saw him standing by the waters edge alone, although he was amongst several wild banker Horses.
What aroused my attention was his aloofness and gentle spirit. He seemed to wander alone slowly while his friends, the other Bankers ran up and down the shoreline.

 I felt a deep immediate love for the horse and so I named him Corazon.
Corazon is the Spanish word for heart, and love. I wanted to run my hands along his side and look into his eyes...I am positive his eyes were as far away as mine are, for he just stared out towards Spain, his home from afar.

I pondered for days what he was possibly thinking, and I imagined myself as a child befriending him. I think of him fondly from time to time.

Corazon of the Outer Banks is a story about a little boy visiting the outer banks with his mother, alone he wanders the shoreline and comes across a horse sitting staring out to the sea.

A story filled with magical realism and I look forward to sharing him.

The Art is amazing and fully captures the feel and emotions of the story.
I am fortunate to have Calum Jones as the Artist.

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Growing up Gothic

I was raised in a house by the Sea on Gothic Literature, Opera, and the songs of Johnny Cash. My father being Irish was always telling us scary stories about dark creatures and broken hearted ghosts wandering in the night looking for their loved ones...creepy for sure, but I loved it. He took us fishing into the deep South where he grew up, taught us to shoot a gun and a pistol (beer bottles on a log) and he made us feel protected and loved. I adored him and thought he was the handsomest man. My mother, being the elegant creature she still is, made sure we listened to classical music, and drank our Tea with a book. But is was her garden where I learned the most about her.

What I gained from the influence of both my parents allowed me to wander off into the darker realms of my own imagination and it formed me as a woman, and as a mother. I never knew what it was like to live in a house with beige walls or earth tones, our home was alive in color drenched hues of golds and violets.

I remember being terribly horrified by how boring most my friends homes were, sadly so were their Parents.
So of course I have raised my children on the very same dark and romantic stories of lost love and ghosts wandering down lonely highways. They love it as do I

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Spanish Birthday Cake

I love things that are Spanish and have a Spanish influence such as Mexico.
Give me the day of the dead over Christmas anytime.
My cooking reflects my desire for warm summer nights imagined in Spain while the sound of the sea mingled with orange blossoms waft and echo across the sky.

So for Birthdays I make things with a Spanish twist, like chocolate skull lollypops and almond cake with chocolate ganache.

1.bake a almond sponge (use fresh ground almond flour whenever possible)
2.trim edges and thinly slice into three layers
3.make a warm apricot glaze and coat between each layer (use apricot jam heated till runny)
4.spread melted chocolate over top layer (chocolate chips)
5.hand roll marzipan until soft and pliable, roll into a thin layer, cover cake, trim excess. (almond paste)
6.heat heavy cream to simmer  (2 parts cream to 1 part chocolate ratio)
7.pour cream over chocolate chips, let sit till soft and stir until smooth
7.pour liquid ganache through a sieve over cake (cake should be on a screen) let cool
8.make a candy garnish.

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Facts about Laguna Beach in Trizzella's Bedtime Picture Book

Inspired by my hometown of Laguna Beach, I have written a childrens Story called Trizzella the Witch of Woods Cove. The picture book is written in rhyme and has comic book captions. It is filled with midnight moonlit masquerade Balls, and Pirate ships that sail in the sky. 
All the deep color saturated art is by Aaron Winterhalter.

Laguna Beach is famous for Spanish Pirates, Magical Jeweled Coves, Sea monsters, and a Eerie fog... 

Shadow Pirates:based on the pirate films

Swashuckling Pirate Ghost- is based on Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn as Captain Blood 

Midnight Moonlit Mascuerades:
Laguna Artists are famous for their moonlight art walks

Festival of the Arts

Trizzella trazzel trizzel twirl is Trizzella's famous spell. Children all over the world like to say it

The sewing needle is her wand. It represents a special sort of magic, the power to mend and repair feelings

The Magic mirror holds the sea inside it. Trizzella takes it everywhere she goes so she is always near the sea. 

The sea glass globe has the power to clear eerie fogs. It is a round piece of sea glass that came from a Spanish Galleon. It was a gift to her by a mysterious little boy with purple moonlight in his hair...

Pirate tower is located at Victoria Beach built in 1929. The owner would dress up as a Pirate and hide coins in the tower for children to find. He let them keep whatever they found
Pirate Tower of Laguna 

Tall Tilted Tudor . Bette Davis famous home is the inspiration for Trizzellas home.
Bette Davis home 

Magical Tree. Is a Eucalyptus tree, Trizzella thinks is the most magical tree in all the world Laguna beach was once known to covered in them, brought in by settlers, unfortunately fame has damaged the beloved trees with people cutting them down for a ocean view.

Jeweled Coves are real, named after real cove inlets in the Woods Cove -Diamond, Pearl, Agate and Ruby
Jeweled Coves 

Evils bookcase and his dreams. Based in loving memory to the Jolly Roger, a restaurant where happy families would gather daily. crayons and treasure maps were novelties for the children

Eerie Fog. Anyone who has ever lived by the pacific coast knows it is famous for a its eerie fogs on warm summer nights 

Annie Blue is dedicated to any child who has lost a parent , or sibling a sadness that is hard to recover from. Every 22 minutes a child somewhere in the world looses a parent, leaving them with one parent or orphaned. As a parent of two boys who lost their father at a young age I have learned that a simple gesture of a toy or a story can do wondrous miracles.
Parent loss 

The children in the story represent all children with a hope to inspire them to follow their dreams and to believe in dress up and magic.

About Trizzella - is a real person, she lives somewhere in Laguna Beach with her cat, her crystal ball and her sewing needle. She will always bakes pies for children who sneak out of their beds


Monday, April 28, 2014


My answers to the questions that all of the participants will be answering are below.

Sandra Harvey: Growing up in a house on a cliff overlooking the Sea, with a Russian fortune-teller for a mother, and a Irish storyteller for a dad, writing just seems to be quite natural. I raised my own children romantically on imagined people and places. I am writing these stories now. As a life career I am a fashion designer with a culinary degree. My picture book is a love letter to my children and the place they grew up- Laguna Beach.

What am I working on?
I have several projects under my Trizzella Character. 
The idea of Trizzella came about several years ago while I was working in the fashion Industry. I drew a cartoon sketch of  a Witch to use as my Logo for business cards, and for T-shirts. Soon after, a Los Angeles times newspaper article was written about my clothing designs with the headline 'Trizzel Trazzel Trizzel Twirl'. Young girls and children were constantly asking me to tell them stories about her. "Who is Trizzella?" they would ask whenever they came into my Boutique. I started to make up stories about her, mostly about magical things like bottling moonlight, and casting love spells with her sewing needle. Young girls started saying 'Trizzel Trazzel Trizzel Twirl' and it caught on from there.

I have just finished a Picture Book called 'Trizzella's Bedtime Picture Book'. The story is beautifully illustrated, and colored in violet hues. The story takes place completely at night capturing her essence, and summarizes who she is in a whimsical charming rhyme.
All the Trizzella projects, including The Picture Book series, cartoon animations, and applications are completely drawn and colored by Aaron Winterhalter.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
1. For the 'Trizzella Bedtime Picture Book' I am breaking the No Rhyme Rule
2. I touch on mature themes like death and loss in fantasy not realism (bibliotherapy).
3. I incorporate comic book style art.
I do not follow modern rules for genre or age that would restrict young children from all the wonderful things Art and Literature have for them. My character is a bit different because there are no adversaries to challenge her other then her own loneliness, but she makes it okay to be alone. Her story takes place only at night as she rewards children with fresh baked pies when they sneak out of their beds. But she does this in a innocent way. She is completely without guile with her affections towards children and animals. It is as if she has a secret knowing into their Souls.
With characters names like Violence Grace the knitting spider, E.Vil the cat, and Saint Huck the Murderous Hound, I am sure some parents might shy away from these character names but they are intended to be funny, after all cats are rather selfish and a bit evil, spiders do eat their mates, and hound dogs chase and often murder rodents. I am a parent myself and find wonderful fun when seeing children's faces light up in curiosity.

Why do I write what I do? 
I remember falling hopelessly in love at the young age of four years old, being overthrown in hopeless despair for my babysitters fiance'. I loved him, I truly did, and from this recollection I write about the idea of love. I have learned from experience to never underestimate a child's romantic heart.
I grew up around professional cooks and I have worked as a chef, so there are pies to be made, and Salt-water Taffy to be pulled. My personal career in fashion as a seamstress and clothing designer has played a very relevant role in this story. I know first hand that a sewing needle can perform outstanding and remarkable things, so I gave my character a golden sewing needle that represents a beautiful sort of magic, the power to mend and repair feelings, it can weave lyrical love knots and sew delicate blankets of stars.

How does my writing process work? 
I have to have fresh flowers in view, Casablanca lilies are preferred. I make a hot pot of tea with brown sugar and cream, I light scented candles and nestle into my black velvet couch with a comforter and my laptop. Its quite a ritual, but it's how I have operated for most my creative adult life. Be it designing clothes or paying my bills, I have this routine. I am most creative in the early hours, before the sun rises, before the song of the birds.

Follow these two next week when they answer the same questions on their Blogs.

 Lorraine Devon Wilke is a creative hyphenate currently enjoying a three-ring circus of writing, photography, and music. She’s a longtime HuffingtonPost contributor, a successful screenwriter, and a widely published essayist; she curates her fine art photography site, as well as her personal blog at Rock+Paper+Music, and her original CD, Somewhere On the Way, can be found at and ITunes. But her big “next adventure” is the launch of her first novel, After the Sucker Punch, set to be released in both print and ebooks in the coming weeks.  

Growing up in Northern California, working as a flash animator and musician in the late 90's. I now find myself drawing pictures for children's books, and animating cartoons.

A special Thank you to  Renee Gian, for tagging me in this blog hop! 

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Trizzella Picture Book update

As everyone who is following Trizzella know, we are a two person artistic team. I am the creator and writer of Trizzella, and Aaron does all the illustrations, coloring, and animations - All by himself! with a sketchpad,  Wacom, and in Flash! He is indeed very talented. We believe in our character and want to share her with all the world. Last year for eight weeks we launched online interactive web cartoons, and we also did a five minute musical of her in a Circus that was nominated for best visuals at the Asheville film festival. We took the cartoons down in order to work on the Picture Book, and the Story Book without conflict and other distractions. But now...The Picture Book is finished and available at Amazon. 
We will be moving forward in the process of taking her into several avenues, including a soon to be released Chapter Book about her life told in individual short stories.

Trizzella's Bedtime Picture Book by Sandra Harvey et al.
Trizzella's Bedtime Picture Book
by Sandra Harvey / Aaron Winterhalter


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Look who is wearing my Chef Jackets

I ran into Jael and Dan Rattigan, the owners of French Broad Chocolate Lounge here in Asheville awhile ago and they were so excited to tell me that they had worn their 'SHD' Chef Jackets on Good Morning America. I am always flattered when I get a chance to see the Jackets I designed worn so elegantly, especially by those who lovingly prepare exquisite food for the Soul......Chocolate of course!!!

Here is a clip of Jael and Dan wearing the Black Chef Jacket with Satin Cuffs

Good Morning America:

French Broad Chocolates:

Chef jackets:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gothic sensibilities from my Father

Memories that haunt my heart

      Children are fascinated by strange and frightening stories, it is actually good for them, stretching their imaginations, allowing their hearts to attach to the characters. They root for them be they evil or good....
 I was introduced to Gothic Story telling at a very young age, my father being Irish and of a poor upbringing in the Deep South  was a true spinner of tales both frightening and terrible. He was raised by his grandparents in a dark heavily forested region of Arkansas near a swampy bog, with time on his hands to let his mind wander into creepy imaginings that he carried into his adulthood.
Growing up with my father was full of wonderful scary stories, tales he insisted were true, and I believed him. Our house was filled with antiques and dark wooden furniture. Chandeliers and hurricane lamps were lit by candlelight while the sounds of old lonesome country love songs were a constant in the background. When visiting his grandparents farm in Arkansas as a little girl I vividly remember the old front porch heavily covered in Wisteria. The nights were hot and muggy filling the air with fireflies and mosquitoes. My dad would sit in his chair, take a long drag off his hand rolled cigarette, lean forward and let the smoke seep slowly from his lips as he began his tales of the strange creatures dwelling in the woods. This was exciting for me and I hung my heart on every word as he warned me and my brother that the 'Will o the Wisp' would rise from the swamps at night and come looking for us if we should wander from our beds... I was terrified to go to the bathroom, waking my brother each night to stay with me.  I remember one night while I was laying in my bed when a knock came at my window..I sat up and looked over to see the most terrifying spirit standing there on fire, laughing the most ghoulish laugh. As my heart raced and I felt the blood drain from my face my father laughed proudly "oh its just me"...he had held the skull of a cow over a white sheet under lit by a flashlight.....
Other nights he would grab my shoulder from behind as I was heading for bed and say "be sure your hands and feet don't hang over the mattress while your sleeping cause ya never know what is hiding under your bed" then he would laugh that mischievous laugh I recognized and loved so well and tell me not to worry "all ya have to do is yell out and ill come save ya" he would say as if to ease his devilish little conscience.
Yes, I was frightened most of my childhood, but it was a wonderful scare. I still wont sleep with my hands or feet over the sides of my bed, and I sometimes squint my eyes before looking out dark windows at night. But what his story telling did for me was ignite a fire within my soul, and now I tell the same stories to my children, and to other children in the very same manner. When a Story is read out loud with the right tone of voice, it is quite powerful. The carefully articulated highs and lows, spoken very slowly will send chills down your spine.

The Orders of Gothic: Foucault, Lacan, and the Subject of Gothic Writing,1764–1820 - See more at:
The Orders of Gothic: Foucault, Lacan, and the Subject of Gothic Writing,1764–1820 - See more at:

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Writing Trizzella....

 I starting writing Trizzella a few years ago when I was a fashion designer. For many years my life was exciting, lavish and...selfish. I would run off to Europe on a whim without telling anyone where I was going, with no regard for the consequences or path of destruction I was leaving behind me. But as life must balance out, destruction caught up to me abruptly when my husband was killed in a car accident sending me on a downward spiral of deep sadness and self loathing. I learned fast and hard that life has a way of replaying out regretful moments like a skipping record. I am learning to repent and repair some of my regrets, some I cannot, and have to live with, others only time can pass. But in this life process I have her, Trizzella as my dearest friend. I seem to write best in the middle of the night when it is quiet, no cars or people chatting, only the sound of a distant train passing by or the wind...I turn on my bedside lamp, grab a pencil, and a notepad to jot down the images and ideas that are clear in the quietness.
Writing Trizzella, has been my own journey and awakening, she is taming me in a way, and I have learned to count on her to always be there for me. She has changed from girl to woman to teen to adult in stages of the writing, but one thing never changes, she always stays distant from the realities of the world, going about her days wistfully in charge of her happiness...
I find that I can write to her during my saddest moments like a little girl asking to be reborn to live another life. Perhaps that is why Writers write the stories they do, a self therapy session with their characters. Yes the characters in many stories are deeply personal, and very real to the Authors who give life to them. During the darkest days of my life, the early death of my husband, I could pour out my sadness and pain to her, and know she always was willing to sit beside me as I cried, urging me to write out similar emotions.
In the writing of her, I have realized that I still am very much a little girl inside, just like all little girls longing for love and acceptance and a place in the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visiting the News Station at WLOS Greenville

We were invited down to Greenville to promote the Asheville Wine and Food Festival with its founder Bob Bowels.
He surprised us with a spotlight on the chef jacket...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Culinary Life

Presentation is very important to me. It is one of the main reasons I went to Culinary School. What I enjoyed the most was Demo Lab, I would observe my Chef Instructor during these two hours in a constant awe. As I watched and listened, what I saw was something that cannot be defined in words. The way he arranged each and every item so delicately, as if it could dissolve. I wanted to emulate that skill. As I moved forward in my culinary education, using the experience towards my career as a Fashion Designer, I realized the final presentation is what I strive to do beautiful, and something I will use throughout my life. I had the idea that I could design a coat that would be elegant and classically cut, but I knew I had to put myself in the shoes of a chef to do so. As a Clothing designer my initial goal was to learn on the job through my culinary experience just exactly what a chef needs and wants. What has happened along the way has changed me forever. I have witnessed first hand the all consuming labor of love that is behind each and every plate of food placed before a customer or friend. I chose to get involved from the start, by working hard alongside the chefs so they will see that I am serious about designing. I assisted the 2011 WNC Chef Challenge and was asked back for the 2012. What I gained was the experience many young chefs today only dream of, the chance to work alongside over 32 of the best chefs in western North Carolina. Chefs who themselves are graduates of highly acclaimed Culinary Schools and have many years of working experience. To me working with these chefs was like being a little child in a candy store, my eyes wide open and absorbing every move they made, my ears finely tuned to every word they uttered, I wanted to emulate them, and so I eagerly volunteered to do whatever was necessary to assist in presenting the best possible dishes. It was in prepping, moving from station to station, learning every possible aspect of what a Chef does so that I can design a chef Coat that is functional but deserving of the chef who will wear it. However, the most important lesson I took from Culinary school was a deep respect for life.
This is a note from my personal Journal dated March 12 2011:
I killed my first Lobster yesterday. It really affected me, for one thing I have a strong sense into the soul of animals, and they speak to me and bring me messages. I had never actually thought about the fact that the animals I am eating are real living breathing creatures, I get them already packaged and cleaned. When I went to my lab and my chef walked in with the live lobsters, he mentioned that we could stab it through the brain to kill it instantly or bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and drop them in. I asked what would be most humane, he felt stabbing through the brain, but I could not do it. My lobster was very active, his claws were rubber banded and he was waving them about. My chef said if I rub between his eyes he could fall into a trance, so I started to pet him, he relaxed and looked up at me and telepathically told me that he was my message for the day. I burst into tears…I walked away and the tears would not stop falling. How could I ????? Chef Caddell had told us over and over that these animals give their life for us to learn and we should never take that for granted. Chef Thomas Keller has a Chef take a live rabbit outside and kill it before he can get the job, he tells his chefs that in order to be a great chef he must have a great respect for the life given by the animal, not to disrespect the preparing process or that animals life was in vain.
I learned that yesterday. I put the lobster in the water and walked away…I carefully prepared my recipes with a deeper understanding. I did not eat those dishes.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sandra Harvey Designs

Sandra Harvey was among the first clothing and accessory companies to spring up and out of Orange County, California, alongside Volcom, Roxy Quiksilver, Stussy, Black flys, and Dita Eyewear.  Sandra caters to women in fashion who are inclined with a desire for demure sexiness. She Blends casual elegance with dark undertones, inspired from her beach lifestyle around the surf and skateboard culture in Laguna Beach, California, The Sandra Harvey Design Brand was sold at Specialty Boutiques, and Department Stores including Barneys, Macys, Nordstrom,and Fred Segal. Catering to a high profile clientele of Artists, and Musicians including: Trent Reznor, Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction, Hope Sandoval , Timothy Leary, and India Dupre. She has been featured numerously in the style section of The Los Angeles Times, and fashion related Magazines including, Detour, Revolt in Style, Manic, and Flaunt.
Sandra was married to Dana Harvey, of Harveys SeatbeltBags. They separated in 1993.
She later met and married Colin Hall. In 2005 he was killed in a car accident leaving her widowed with their two sons, Colin Hall Jr, and Samuel Hall. Colin is said to have been the love of her life. 

In 2009, Sandra moved with her two sons, Sam and Colin, to Asheville North Carolina. Known for its highly acclaimed Culinary Culture. There she was inspired to design a Chef Jacket for Woman that is elegant and functional. She attended Culinary School for two years, and worked alongside high profile Chefs in Western North Carolina.  March 2012 at the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual conference in New York City, Sandra launched a line of Chef apparel. With slogans "Your boyfriend is looking at me" and "Wear something the boys cant" Her Jacket has been featured in WNC magazine.
Providing Chef apparel to the A.I.R  'Chef's of Tomorrow' Scholarship Fund. .

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear America,

All those that have served our Country have not done this in vain, nor should we forget lest we forget our own..........

Its important to save the world, but to really do something its important to start in our own backyard. We have a great backyard!
A land rich in agriculture and forward thinkers, after all, isn't this the land of the free.....I am aggressively promoting manufacturing in America, farming in America, exporting our goods from America....cotton, apparel, technology and gadgets, American built cars. We need to remember who we are as a nation and be proud....

Here is to you Dear America, you are beloved by your own and your future sons and daughters as we are renewing ourselves by way of our sustainable farms and restaurants,with farm to table and our locavore movements. We have amazing chefs stepping up in our 'chefs move to schools' programs, and our philosophy of 'Team Local' is spreading nationwide in the manufacturing of fashion and hard goods.  With technology moving like a virus our Americana music scene is taking back its reigns at full force.

We are standing...we will not fall...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

MORTICIA DOES SPAIN . A few Photos from Morticia does Spain Collection

Mortica does Spain, a Collection of fitted dresses and separates designed with only one in mind, Morticia of course....Imagining if I were to dress her.
The pictures originally appeared in the LA STYLE  section of the Los Angeles Times, and went on to be featured in DETOUR MAGAZINE, beautifully photographed by Michael Segal.
Michaels work is truly beautiful, he is a Fashion Photographer who specializes in magazine, music, fine art, and celebrity photography for publications and advertisers. I met Michael Segal several years ago while designing a collection called 'Morticia does Spain'. We met at a coffee shop in Venice beach and talked about my design style ...
Jean Louis and Isabel offered to let me do the photo shoot inside their Restaurant Louis XIV, a Bar that served Spanish/French fusion located on la Brea and Clinton, in Hollywood. It is no longer there but it reigned as one of the most influential restaurant/clubs of the 90's and spawned out a niche for the intimate bar scene crowd.
Santa Monica Studio
710 Wilshire Blvd. #310
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Model: India Dupre
Shot on location: Louis XIV Los Angeles