Friday, May 2, 2014

Facts about Laguna Beach in Trizzella's Bedtime Picture Book

Inspired by my hometown of Laguna Beach, I have written a childrens Story called Trizzella the Witch of Woods Cove. The picture book is written in rhyme and has comic book captions. It is filled with midnight moonlit masquerade Balls, and Pirate ships that sail in the sky. 
All the deep color saturated art is by Aaron Winterhalter.

Laguna Beach is famous for Spanish Pirates, Magical Jeweled Coves, Sea monsters, and a Eerie fog... 

Shadow Pirates:based on the pirate films

Swashuckling Pirate Ghost- is based on Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn as Captain Blood 

Midnight Moonlit Mascuerades:
Laguna Artists are famous for their moonlight art walks

Festival of the Arts

Trizzella trazzel trizzel twirl is Trizzella's famous spell. Children all over the world like to say it

The sewing needle is her wand. It represents a special sort of magic, the power to mend and repair feelings

The Magic mirror holds the sea inside it. Trizzella takes it everywhere she goes so she is always near the sea. 

The sea glass globe has the power to clear eerie fogs. It is a round piece of sea glass that came from a Spanish Galleon. It was a gift to her by a mysterious little boy with purple moonlight in his hair...

Pirate tower is located at Victoria Beach built in 1929. The owner would dress up as a Pirate and hide coins in the tower for children to find. He let them keep whatever they found
Pirate Tower of Laguna 

Tall Tilted Tudor . Bette Davis famous home is the inspiration for Trizzellas home.
Bette Davis home 

Magical Tree. Is a Eucalyptus tree, Trizzella thinks it is the most magical tree in all the world. Laguna beach was once known to covered in them, brought in by settlers. Unfortunately fame has damaged the beloved trees with people cutting them down for a ocean view.

Jeweled Coves are real, named after real cove inlets in the Woods Cove -Diamond, Pearl, Agate and Ruby
Jeweled Coves 

Evils bookcase and his dreams. Based in loving memory to the Jolly Roger, a restaurant where happy families would gather daily. crayons and treasure maps were novelties for the children

Eerie Fog. Anyone who has ever lived by the pacific coast knows it is famous for a its eerie fogs on warm summer nights 

Annie Blue is dedicated to any child who has lost a parent, or a sibling, a sadness that is hard to recover from. Every 22 minutes a child somewhere in the world looses a parent, leaving them with one parent or orphaned. As a parent of two boys who lost their father at a young age I have learned that a simple gesture of a toy or a story can do wondrous miracles.
Parent loss 

The children in the story represent all children with a hope to inspire them to follow their dreams and to believe in dress up and magic.

About Trizzella - is a real person, she lives somewhere in Laguna Beach with her cat, her crystal ball and her sewing needle. She will always bakes pies for children who sneak out of their beds


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