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My answers to the questions that all of the participants will be answering are below.

Sandra Harvey: Growing up in a house on a cliff overlooking the Sea, with a Russian fortune-teller for a mother, and a Irish storyteller for a dad, writing just seems to be quite natural. I raised my own children romantically on imagined people and places. I am writing these stories now. As a life career I am a fashion designer with a culinary degree. My picture book is a love letter to my children and the place they grew up- Laguna Beach.

What am I working on?
I have several projects under my Trizzella Character. 
The idea of Trizzella came about several years ago while I was working in the fashion Industry. I drew a cartoon sketch of  a Witch to use as my Logo for business cards, and for T-shirts. Soon after, a Los Angeles times newspaper article was written about my clothing designs with the headline 'Trizzel Trazzel Trizzel Twirl'. Young girls and children were constantly asking me to tell them stories about her. "Who is Trizzella?" they would ask whenever they came into my Boutique. I started to make up stories about her, mostly about magical things like bottling moonlight, and casting love spells with her sewing needle. Young girls started saying 'Trizzel Trazzel Trizzel Twirl' and it caught on from there.

I have just finished a Picture Book called 'Trizzella's Bedtime Picture Book'. The story is beautifully illustrated, and colored in violet hues. The story takes place completely at night capturing her essence, and summarizes who she is in a whimsical charming rhyme.
All the Trizzella projects, including The Picture Book series, cartoon animations, and applications are completely drawn and colored by Aaron Winterhalter.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
1. For the 'Trizzella Bedtime Picture Book' I am breaking the No Rhyme Rule
2. I touch on mature themes like death and loss in fantasy not realism (bibliotherapy).
3. I incorporate comic book style art.
I do not follow modern rules for genre or age that would restrict young children from all the wonderful things Art and Literature have for them. My character is a bit different because there are no adversaries to challenge her other then her own loneliness, but she makes it okay to be alone. Her story takes place only at night as she rewards children with fresh baked pies when they sneak out of their beds. But she does this in a innocent way. She is completely without guile with her affections towards children and animals. It is as if she has a secret knowing into their Souls.
With characters names like Violence Grace the knitting spider, E.Vil the cat, and Saint Huck the Murderous Hound, I am sure some parents might shy away from these character names but they are intended to be funny, after all cats are rather selfish and a bit evil, spiders do eat their mates, and hound dogs chase and often murder rodents. I am a parent myself and find wonderful fun when seeing children's faces light up in curiosity.

Why do I write what I do? 
I remember falling hopelessly in love at the young age of four years old, being overthrown in hopeless despair for my babysitters fiance'. I loved him, I truly did, and from this recollection I write about the idea of love. I have learned from experience to never underestimate a child's romantic heart.
I grew up around professional cooks and I have worked as a chef, so there are pies to be made, and Salt-water Taffy to be pulled. My personal career in fashion as a seamstress and clothing designer has played a very relevant role in this story. I know first hand that a sewing needle can perform outstanding and remarkable things, so I gave my character a golden sewing needle that represents a beautiful sort of magic, the power to mend and repair feelings, it can weave lyrical love knots and sew delicate blankets of stars.

How does my writing process work? 
I have to have fresh flowers in view, Casablanca lilies are preferred. I make a hot pot of tea with brown sugar and cream, I light scented candles and nestle into my black velvet couch with a comforter and my laptop. Its quite a ritual, but it's how I have operated for most my creative adult life. Be it designing clothes or paying my bills, I have this routine. I am most creative in the early hours, before the sun rises, before the song of the birds.

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 Lorraine Devon Wilke is a creative hyphenate currently enjoying a three-ring circus of writing, photography, and music. She’s a longtime HuffingtonPost contributor, a successful screenwriter, and a widely published essayist; she curates her fine art photography site, as well as her personal blog at Rock+Paper+Music, and her original CD, Somewhere On the Way, can be found at and ITunes. But her big “next adventure” is the launch of her first novel, After the Sucker Punch, set to be released in both print and ebooks in the coming weeks.  

Growing up in Northern California, working as a flash animator and musician in the late 90's. I now find myself drawing pictures for children's books, and animating cartoons.

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